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Confiscate something from someone: to take something away from someone, often as a form of punishment.

I always confiscate cell phone from students who try to use them in my classroom.


Deter someone or something from doing: to cause or encourage someone not to do something; to prevent or discourage someone or a group from doing something.

The threat of rain deterred us from going to the beach this weekend.

We can't seem to deter them from leaving. 


Discourage someone from doing: to dissuade or deter someone from doing something.

I tried to discourage my daughter from going to that party, but of course she didn't listen to me.


Exempt someone from something: to release someone from the obligation to do something; to allow a person not to be affected by a rule or law.

It's very convenient that the mayor exempts his relatives from these taxes, while the rest of us have to pay.

I cannot exempt anyone from this rule.

The members of Congress exempted themselves from the wage freeze.


Hide from someone: to conceal oneself from someone or an animal.

Are you hiding from me?

The rabbit was trying to hide from the fox.


Hinder someone from something: to prevent someone from doing something.

This broken keyboard is hindering me from getting my work done.

Please don't hinder me from my appointed tasks.


Insulate someone or something from someone or something --> Insulate someone or something against someone or something.


Prevent someone or something from doing: to stop a person or thing from being able to do something.

The public relations staff could not prevent the media from releasing the extremely sensitive information.

Something is preventing the machine from turning off, so the motor is getting overheated.

The government is trying to prevent us from exercising our right to free speech.


Refrain from doing: to make a considered, conscious effort not to do something.

Race spectators must refrain from passing anything to the athletes.

I ask everyone to refrain from asking questions until the end of the presentation.


Restrain someone from doing: to prevent someone from doing something:

I had to restrain her from hurting herself.

I was unable to restrain myself from giggling at the wisecrack.


Suspend from something: to force one to stop attending or particpating in some activity, usually on a temporary basis as a form of punishment; to cause someone or something to hang from some elevated point or fixture.

The officer has been suspended from duty while the department investigates his actions.

The performers were suspended from ceiling duing the routine, created quite the impressive spectacle.


Withhold something from someone or an animal: to hold something back or in reserve from someone or an animal:

We withheld some of the food from the guests.

I had to withhold some food from the dog so there would be enough for tomorrow.