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admit to


Admit someone to: to permit someone to enter; to confess or acknowledge a personal wrongdoing. This ticket will admit you to the art exhibit. She’s admitted to everything. She finally admitted to cheating on the test.

bore into

Bore into someone or something: to drill into or otherwise penetrate a particular thing or surface; to look at someone with interest and intensity. OK, I bore a hole into the wall. Her eyes bored into him once more.

tear between

Tear between: to put someone in the position of having to choose between some equally desirable or undesirable options or loyalties. The soldier was torn between staying on duty or going home. I was torn between wanting to punch her and wa…

sit on


Ride on something: to travel on a vehicle or animal. I started riding on the buses. You can ride on the horse, if you like. Sit on someone or something: to place oneself in a sitting position on someoen or something; to hold someone or som…