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reserve for


Earmark something for someone or something: to reserve something for someone or something. He earmarked the best of the steaks for his special guests. Prepare someone or something for something: to get someone or something ready for someth…

testify for / against

Testify for: to present evidence or testimony in favor or defense of someone or something as a witness in a trial. The doctor was asked to testify for the plaintiff in the criminal negligence lawsuit against the construction company. Testi…

fill in for


Exchange something for something: to return or trade an item for something else. These shoes are way to big. I need to exchange them for a smaller size. Fill in for someone or something: displace, replace; to substitute for someone or some…

prescribe for


Prescribe something for someone: to write a prescription of medication for someone. He prescribed a mild pain sedative for a patient to help him sleep.