sit on

Ride on something: to travel on a vehicle or animal.

I started riding on the buses.

You can ride on the horse, if you like.


Sit on someone or something: to place oneself in a sitting position on someoen or something; to hold someone or something back; to delay someone or something.

The enomous woman knocked the crook out and sat on him until the police came.

The project cannot be finished because the city council is sitting on the final approval.

obtain for

Obtain something for someone or something: to manage in gathering or gaining possetion of something on behalf of someone for use with something.

Did you obtain the documents for me that I requested?

We'll need to obtain a search warrant for the compound.

rebound from

rebound from something: to bounce back from something; to recover quickly from something.

The ball rebounded from the wall and hit her hard on the elbow.

She rebounded from her illness in less than a week.


recover something from someone or something: to retrieve or salvage something from someone, something, or some place.

The police recovered my purse from the thief who had taken it.


recover from something: to recuperate from a disease.

I hope I recover from this cough soon.


return from some place: to come back from some place.

I just returned from a research trip in the Amazon basin.

construct from

Construct something from something: to build something from certan materials or items.

We constructed our solar system from foam balls and popsicle sticks.


Make something from other things: to assemble, concoct, or create something from various other things:

Never one to let things go to waiste, he set about making tables and chairs from the discarded materials left behind by construction company.